Team CodeTeam NameDivisionTierCoachHome FieldAff.
3001915U Barrie Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1Brad BarlowVintage Throne StadiumYSBA
827715U Newmarket Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1RICHARD ACHTERMEIERDon Mcknight YSBA
812016U Barrie Elite[Rep] 16UTier 1Travis JensenVintage Throne StadiumYSBA
790216U Markham Elite[Rep] 16UTier 1Andy OrfanakosMilliken Mills #3YSBA
791516U Newmarket Elite[Rep] 16UTier 1Greg ZografosDon Mcknight YSBA
865516U Vaughan Elite[Rep] 18UTier 2MARK COTGRAVEConcorde#2YSBA
764917U Barrie Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1Jake HinesVintage Throne StadiumYSBA
943717U West Toronto AAA[Rep] 18UTier 1Sean DeCoryKeelesdaleTBATONY
718218U Barrie Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1Mark KauerVintage Throne StadiumYSBA
739718U East York Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1Ben AndersonStan WadlowTBATONY
775418U Newmarket Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1JAMIE COMPERDon Mcknight YSBA
814418U North Toronto Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1Joshua AppelSentinelTBATONY
917618U West Toronto AAA[Rep] 18UTier 1Mike BaxterKeelesdaleTBATONY
7010Ajax Elite 21U[Rep] 22UTier 1Sanjeev ThakoreEOBA
9817Ajax Spartans 11U AAA[Rep] 11UTier 1Gabriel HelbigAudley SporsplexEOBA
20030Annette 14U A[Rep] 14UTier 3Bill MboutsiadisHigh ParkTBATONY
30007Aurora King Jays 10U A[Rep] 10UTier 3Scott WinhallHallmark 2YSBA
9939Aurora King Jays 10U AA[Rep] 10UTier 2Anton StrgacicHallmark 2YSBA
9710Aurora King Jays 11U A[Rep] 11UTier 3Glen NeronaTown ParkYSBA
9709Aurora King Jays 11U AA[Rep] 11UTier 2Kevin CharbonneauHallmark 1YSBA
9381Aurora King Jays 12U AA[Rep] 12UTier 2Walter GuerraHallmark 2YSBA
9134Aurora King Jays 13U A[Rep] 13UTier 3Andrew BackerHallmark 1YSBA
9076Aurora King Jays 13U AA[Rep] 13UTier 2Jordan KeonHallmark 1YSBA
9382Aurora King Jays 14U AA[Rep] 14UTier 2Darryl PonLambert Willson 4YSBA
8764Aurora King Jays 14U AAA[Rep] 14UTier 1Aaron PreianoStewart Burnett ParkYSBA
9383Aurora King Jays 15U A[Rep] 15UTier 3Aldo ChiolaStewart Burnett ParkYSBA
8247Aurora King Jays 15U Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1Vito AlvaroLambert Willson 4YSBA
7996Aurora King Jays 16U AA[Rep] 16UTier 2Brian FlemingLambert Willson 4YSBA
7721Aurora King Jays 18U A[Rep] 18UTier 3Ben KitagawaStewart Burnett ParkYSBA
30006Aurora King Jays 8U AA[Rep] 8UTier 2Joel MalleyJames Lloyd ParkYSBA
10224Aurora King Jays 9U AA[Rep] 9UTier 2Christopher ReileyFleury ParkYSBA
30015Barrie Baycats 08U AA[Rep] 8UTier 2Cameron HodgeComplex Pinwheel 12YSBA
10080Barrie Baycats 09U AA[Rep] 9UTier 2Jason LessardLampmanYSBA
30017Barrie Baycats 10U A[Rep] 10UTier 3Chad ChenetteMacMorrisonYSBA
9017Barrie Baycats 10U AA[Rep] 10UTier 2Stewart BartonComplex Pinwheel 13YSBA
9895Barrie Baycats 11U A[Rep] 11UTier 3Erich AldebertComplex Pinwheel 13YSBA
9755Barrie Baycats 11U AAA[Rep] 11UTier 1Ryan SmithComplex Pinwheel 12YSBA
8648Barrie Baycats 12U AA[Rep] 12UTier 2Ian AndersonQueen's ParkYSBA
9390Barrie Baycats 12U AAA[Rep] 12UTier 1Jeff TennantLampmanYSBA
9014Barrie Baycats 13U A[Rep] 13UTier 3Dan CharboneauLampmanYSBA
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