Mon, May 16:00 PM[Rep] 10U (20020) Scarborough Stingers(9858) Leaside Leafs 2013 ARolph Road School (East Diamond)11-5
Tue, May 27:00 PM[Rep] 14U (8646) Barrie Baycats 14U AAA(8764) Aurora King Jays 14U AAAStewart Burnett3-7
Tue, May 27:30 PM[Rep] 18U (7976) North Toronto Athletics 18U (2005) AA(8235) Scarborough Stingers 2005 AANeilson Park-
Tue, May 28:30 PM[Rep] 14U (9467) Bradford Tigers 14U AAA(8632) Caledon 14U AAANorth Hill Diamond #3-
Wed, May 3 [Rep] 10U (30010) Stouffville Yankees 10U A(20015) MartingroveTBD-
Wed, May 36:00 PM[Rep] 10U (9017) Barrie Baycats 10U AA(9987) North Toronto Athletics 10U (2013) AAMemorial Park Red11-10
Wed, May 36:15 PM[Rep] 10U (30010) Stouffville Yankees 10U A(20015) MartingroveLloyd McConnie (Martingrove Gardens Park)5-14
Thu, May 46:00 PM[Rep] 10U (8291) Caledon 10U AA(20027) Bloordale Bombers 10U AAMillwood Park10-0
Thu, May 46:30 PM[Rep] 10U (20023) East Side Aces 10U AAA(20012) Etobicoke RangersRotary Peace Park4-5
Thu, May 47:00 PM[Rep] 10U (20017) North York 10U A(20020) Scarborough StingersNeilson Park10-15
Thu, May 47:00 PM[Rep] 14U (8174) Leaside Leafs 2009 AAA(8749) North York Blues 14U AAABond Park 13-2
Fri, May 56:00 PM[Rep] 12U (9614) North Toronto Athletics 12U AA(9399) Leaside Leafs 2011 AATalbot Park3-10
Fri, May 56:15 PM[Rep] 8U (20007) Scarborough Stingers 8U AA(20005) Leaside Leafs 2015 AARolph Road1-15
Fri, May 56:30 PM[Rep] 11U (10183) TP 11u Rep(10141) Royal York Cardinals 11U [Rep A]Rotary Peace Park Diamond11-5
Fri, May 58:00 PM[Rep] 15U (9019) East York Bulldogs 2008 15U AA(8941) Toronto Playgrounds 15U AAChristie Pits9-10
Fri, May 58:00 PM[Rep] 16U (8705) Martingrove White Sox 16U [Rep AA](9084) Leaside Leafs 2007 16UAATalbot 6-10
Sat, May 69:00 AM[Rep] 15U (9194) Scarborough Stingers 15U AA(8173) Leaside Leafs 2008 AATalbot West7-1
Sat, May 69:00 AM[Rep] 14U (9759) Scarborough Stingers 14U A(8859) North Toronto Athletics 14U ASentinel Park5-11
Sat, May 69:00 AM[Rep] 18U (8144) 18U North Toronto Elite(7397) 18U East York EliteStan Wadlow6-2
Sat, May 69:00 AM[Rep] 8U (20005) Leaside Leafs 2015 AA(20035) Whitby CanadiansWillowbrook Park18-11
Sat, May 610:00 AM[Rep] 8U (20008) Leaside Leafs 2016 A(20006) East York Bulldogs 8U AAStan Wadlow #711-15
Sat, May 610:00 AM[Rep] 14U (9195) Scarborough Stingers 2009 14U AA(8901) Toronto Playgrounds 14U AAChristie Pits - Dominico Field1-7
Sat, May 611:00 AM[Rep] 13U (9920) Bradford Tigers 13U AA(6764) Caledon 13U AANorth Hill 314-3
Sat, May 611:00 AM[Rep] 10U (20012) Etobicoke Rangers(9663) Pickering Red Sox 10U AAAMemorial Park Claremont14-8
Sat, May 611:15 AM[Rep] 13U (9026) Leaside Leafs 2010 AA(9270) North Toronto Athletics 13U (2010) AASentinel Park3-4
Sat, May 611:30 AM[Rep] 15U (8706) Royal York Cardinals 2008 15U AA(8954) North Toronto Athletics 15U (2008) AASentinal Park 110-4
Sat, May 612:00 PM[Rep] 12U (9557) Thornhill Reds 12U A(9502) Creemore Cardinals 12U repGowan Memorial Park2-12
Sat, May 612:00 PM[Rep] 22U (5790) NEWMARKET HAWKS JR AAA(20033) Whitby CanadiansIroquois Park 7-5
Sat, May 612:45 PM[Rep] 14U (9480) Royal York Cardinals 14U A(20029) Toronto Playgrounds 14U AChristie Pits - Dominico Field6-10
Sat, May 61:00 PM[Rep] 13U (9008) Markham Mariners 13U AAA(9729) West Toronto 2010 AAAHigh Park3-12
Sat, May 62:00 PM[Rep] 13U (9715) Royal York Cardinals 13U [Rep A](9471) TP 2010 13U RepChristie Pits2-10
Sat, May 63:00 PM[Rep] 12U (9511) North Toronto Athletics 12U (2011) AAA(9024) Leaside Leafs 2011 AAATalbot East6-4
Sat, May 63:45 PM[Rep] 18U (8493) Toronto Playgrounds 18U AA(7976) North Toronto Athletics 18U (2005) AASentinel Park9-3
Sat, May 64:30 PM[Rep] 15U (9094) Etobicoke Rangers 2008 15U AAA(20025) East York Bulldogs 15U AAAStan Wadlow3-5
Sat, May 65:00 PM[Rep] 12U (9870) Royal York Cardinals 12U AA(9403) East York Bulldogs 2011 12U AAStan Wadlow #215-4
Sat, May 65:45 PM[Rep] 15U (8748) NY Blues 15U AAA(8161) Leaside Leafs 2008 AAATalbot Park West4-14
Sat, May 67:00 PM[Rep] 18U (8750) North York Blues 18U AA(7174) East York Bulldogs 18U AAStan Wadlow6-5
Sat, May 67:00 PM[Rep] 22U (5674) Leaside Leafs 22U(7206) NY Blues 22UBond Park (DFLT)9-0
Sat, May 67:00 PM[Rep] 22U (7893) Etobicoke Rangers 22U [Rep] AAA(5637) High Park 22UChristie Pits3-13
Sat, May 68:30 PM[Rep] 15U (20024) North Toronto Athletics 15U AAA(8161) Leaside Leafs 2008 AAATalbot Park West8-14
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