Team CodeTeam NameDivisionTierCoachHome FieldAff.
6970Barrie 16U mMidg[Rep] Minor MidgetTier 1Dave MaxamenkoYSBA
8154Barrie Bant A[Rep] BantamTier 3Brad TaylorYSBA
8153Barrie Bant AA[Rep] BantamTier 2Eric MacFaddenYSBA
7182Barrie Bant AAA[Rep] BantamTier 1Scott MireaultYSBA
7843Barrie Bant Select[Sel] BantamTier 1Jamie CumminsYSBA
7877Barrie mBant A[Rep] Minor BantamTier 3Ryan OwenYSBA
7393Barrie mBant AAA[Rep] Minor BantamTier 1Stacey LevelyYSBA
6766Barrie Midg 18U[Rep] MidgetTier 1Jeff BothwrightYSBA
7180Barrie Midg AA[Rep] MidgetTier 2Dan HodginsYSBA
7394Barrie mMidg A[Rep] Minor MidgetTier 3David SauderYSBA
8646Barrie mMosq AAA[Rep] Minor MosquitoTier 1Kenny SaundersYSBA
8647Barrie mMosq A[Rep] Minor MosquitoTier 3Bryan SampsonYSBA
9017Barrie mMosq Select[Sel] Tyke/MosquitoTier 1Stewart BartonYSBA
8645Barrie Mosq A[Rep] MosquitoTier 3Ed BlackYSBA
8152Barrie Mosq AAA[Rep] MosquitoTier 1Paul IacobelliYSBA
9389Barrie Mosq Select[Sel] Tyke/MosquitoTier 1Shawn BovairYSBA
7892Barrie mPW A[Rep] Minor PeeweeTier 3Ryan BuxtonYSBA
8120Barrie mPW AAA[Rep] Minor PeeweeTier 1Travis JensenYSBA
9016Barrie mPW Select[Sel] PeeweeTier 1Kevin TatumYSBA
9390Barrie mRook AA[Rep] Minor RookieTier 2Luigi PerricelliYSBA
8156Barrie PW AA[Rep] PeeweeTier 2Andrew WardenYSBA
7649Barrie PW AAA[Rep] PeeweeTier 1Mike DejeanYSBA
8648Barrie PW Select[Sel] PeeweeTier 1Loreto PorrettaYSBA
9014Barrie Rook A[Rep] RookieTier 3Roy HarringtonYSBA
9013Barrie Rook AA[Rep] RookieTier 2Dan CharboneauYSBA
9015Barrie Rook Select[Sel] Rookie BallTier 1Laval DubeauYSBA
7160Bolton Braves Bantam[Rep] BantamTier 3Michael OrtolanNorth Hill Park - Diamond 3YSBA
6763Bolton Braves Midget[Rep] MidgetTier 3Bill O'NeilNorth Hill Park - Diamond 1YSBA
7645Bolton Braves Minor Bantam[Rep] Minor BantamTier 2Dave MatsonNorth Hill Park - Diamond 3YSBA
7159Bolton Braves Minor Midget[Rep] Minor MidgetTier 2John CookeNorth Hill Park - Diamond 1YSBA
8632Bolton Braves Minor Mosquito[Rep] Minor MosquitoTier 2Deano GiulianiNorth Hill Park - Diamond 2YSBA
8141Bolton Braves Minor Peewee[Rep] Minor PeeweeTier 2Jason SweeneyNorth Hill Park - Diamond 3YSBA
6974Bolton Braves Minor Rookie[Rep] Minor RookieTier 3John LewisNorth Hill Park - Diamond 2YSBA
8140Bolton Braves Mosquito[Rep] MosquitoTier 2Vito AlveroNorth Hill Park - Diamond 2YSBA
7895Bolton Braves Peewee[Rep] PeeweeTier 2Matt RoseNorth Hill Park - Diamond 3YSBA
6764Bolton Braves Rookie[Rep] RookieTier 3Keven CochraneNorth Hill Park - Diamond 2YSBA
7878Caledon Bantam Select[Sel] BantamTier 1Kevin TraversNorth Hill Park - Diamond 1YSBA
8633Caledon Mosquito Select[Sel] Tyke/MosquitoTier 1Mike KringJays Care Diamond (Bolton Camp)YSBA
8634Caledon Peewee Select[Sel] PeeweeTier 1Shawn LedrewNorth Hill Park - Diamond 1YSBA
8291Caledon Rookie Select[Sel] Rookie BallTier 1Arvind AggarwalNorth Hill Park - SJP DiamondYSBA
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