Team CodeTeam NameDivisionTierCoachHome FieldAff.
7524Ajax Spartans[Rep] Minor BantamTier 1Sanjeev ThakoreEOBA
8787Ajax Spartans Juniors[Rep] JuniorTier 1Doodnath RampersadSportsplex #6EOBA
8387Aurora King Cobras[Sel] PeeweeTier 1Jamie ColeLambert Willson Park 3 YSBA
8387Aurora King Cobras[Sel] PeeweeTier 1Jamie ColeLambert Willson Park 3 YSBA
8388Aurora King Cobras[Sel] Tyke/MosquitoTier 1Ben KitagawaTown ParkYSBA
8385Aurora King Cobras[Sel] BantamTier 1Craig DeasleyLambert Willson Park LC4YSBA
8386Aurora King Cobras[Sel] MidgetTier 1Ed PanelaLambert Willson Park LC4YSBA
8773Aurora King Cobras Rookie Select[Sel] Rookie BallTier 1Jeff ClarkTown ParkYSBA
7205Aurora King Jays[Rep] Minor BantamTier 2Jason SoliloStewart Burnett ParkYSBA
8247Aurora King Jays AA[Rep] RookieTier 2Aldo ChiolaTown ParkYSBA
6978Aurora King Jays Bantam[Rep] BantamTier 2Ken O'SullivanStewart Burnett ParkYSBA
7996Aurora King Jays mMosq[Rep] Minor MosquitoTier 2Andrew BackerTown ParkYSBA
7721Aurora King Jays Mosq AAA[Rep] MosquitoTier 1Lyndon EdwardsLambert Willson Park LC3YSBA
7722Aurora King Jays mPW AAA[Rep] Minor PeeweeTier 1Jordan KeonLambert Willson Park LC3YSBA
8764Aurora King Jays mRookie[Rep] Minor RookieTier 3Eric MacmillanTown ParkYSBA
7421Aurora King Jays PW[Rep] PeeweeTier 2Todd WhiteLambert Willson Park LC3YSBA
7142Aurora King Jays Snr[Rep] SeniorTier 2Rob WilsonLambert Willson Park LC4YSBA
8635Bantam BEL[Rep] BantamTier 1Richard ButlerPan Am fieldYSBA
8154Barrie Bant A[Rep] BantamTier 3Don LangdonLennox Park - AYSBA
7180Barrie Bant AA[Rep] BantamTier 2Dan HodginsLennox Park - AYSBA
8036Barrie Bant Select[Sel] BantamTier 1Graham ArmstrongLennox Park - AYSBA
7394Barrie mBant A[Rep] Minor BantamTier 3Dave KellyLennox Park - BYSBA
6970Barrie mBant AAA[Rep] Minor BantamTier 1Dave MaxamenkoLennox Park - AYSBA
6606Barrie Midg AA[Rep] MidgetTier 2John PatfieldBarrie Sports Complex - StadiumYSBA
7395Barrie mMidg A[Rep] Minor MidgetTier 3Scott McMillanLennox Park - BYSBA
6766Barrie mMidg AA[Rep] Minor MidgetTier 2Jeff BarrBarrie Sports Complex - StadiumYSBA
8120Barrie mMosq A[Rep] Minor MosquitoTier 3Shane GatrellBarrie Sports Complex - #12YSBA
7892Barrie mMosq AAA[Rep] Minor MosquitoTier 1Ryan BuxtonLampman LaneYSBA
8156Barrie Mosq A[Rep] MosquitoTier 3Bradley VandevisQueen's ParkYSBA
7649Barrie Mosq AAA[Rep] MosquitoTier 1Mike DejeanBarrie Sports Complex - #12YSBA
8648Barrie Mosq Select[Sel] Tyke/MosquitoTier 1David KnottLampman LaneYSBA
7877Barrie mPW A[Rep] Minor PeeweeTier 3Mark KauerBarrie Sports Complex - #12YSBA
7393Barrie mPW AAA[Rep] Minor PeeweeTier 1Stacey LevelyLampman LaneYSBA
8647Barrie mRook AA[Rep] Minor RookieTier 2Darren VerhartBarrie Sports ComplexYSBA
8646Barrie mRook AAA[Rep] Minor RookieTier 1Matthew MartynuikBarrie Sports ComplexYSBA
8153Barrie PW A[Rep] PeeweeTier 3Eric MacFaddenLampman LaneYSBA
7182Barrie PW AA[Rep] PeeweeTier 2Scott MireaultLampman LaneYSBA
7843Barrie PW Select[Sel] PeeweeTier 1Brad TaylorLampman LaneYSBA
8645Barrie Rook AA[Rep] RookieTier 2Mike JacksonBarrie Sports ComplexYSBA
8152Barrie Rook AAA[Rep] RookieTier 1Eric PattendenBarrie Sports Complex - #12YSBA
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