Sat, Apr 299:00 AM[Rep] Minor Peewee2436(7679) Leaside Leafs mPW AAA(7990) Scarborough Stingers mPW AAANeilson 29-9
Mon, May 17:00 PM[Rep] Minor Mosquito2186(7892) Barrie mMosq AAA(8234) Scarborough Stingers AAAPPD-
Mon, May 17:30 PM[Rep] Midget1494(6276) Markham Midg AA(6606) Barrie Midg AAPPD Coates Stadium-
Tue, May 26:00 PM[Rep] Minor Peewee2691(8135) Innisfil Cardinals mPW A(8446) North Toronto Athletics mPW AViewmount Park 5-10
Wed, May 36:00 PM[Rep] Minor Peewee2585(7186) Georgina Bulldogs Minor Peewee AA(7972) Royal York Minor Peewee AATom Riley7-4
Wed, May 36:15 PM[Rep] Minor Mosquito2256(8256) North York Blues AA(8145) North Toronto A's AAMemorial6-16
Wed, May 36:30 PM[Rep] Peewee3256(7182) Barrie PW AA(7421) Aurora King Jays PWAurora Family Leisure Complex-
Wed, May 36:45 PM[Rep] Minor Peewee2438(7393) Barrie mPW AAA(7441) Newmarket MINOR PEEWEE AAAFairgrounds 1-
Wed, May 37:00 PM[Rep] Minor Peewee2439(7676) Richmond Hill mPW AAA(7990) Scarborough Stingers mPW AAANeilson 23-4
Wed, May 37:00 PM[Rep] Minor Bantam1792(7159) Bolton Braves mBant(7205) Aurora King JaysStewart Burnett -
Wed, May 37:30 PM[Rep] Midget1497(7022) North York Blues(6662) Scarborough StingersNeilson1-11
Wed, May 37:30 PM[Rep] Peewee3182(7698) Leaside Leafs PW #1(7673) North Toronto Athletics PW AAASentinel6-9
Wed, May 38:30 PM[Rep] Bantam1002(8674) Martingrove(7211) BloordalePPD-
Wed, May 38:30 PM[Rep] Minor Midget2017(7464) North York Blues(7009) Royal York CardinalsOurland2-4
Wed, May 38:30 PM[Rep] Minor Midget2092(7495) Vaughan MINOR MIDGET A(7920) Newmarket MIN. MIDGET APPD - Whipper Watson-
Thu, May 46:00 PM[Rep] Minor Peewee2674(8135) Innisfil Cardinals mPW A(7973) Royal York mPW APPD-
Thu, May 47:30 PM[Rep] Junior1330(7206) North York Blues(7190) Vaughan Vikings JnrPPD-
Thu, May 47:30 PM[Rep] Junior1331(7235) Scarborough Stingers(5889) Royal York CardinalsPPD-
Thu, May 47:30 PM[Rep] Minor Bantam1669(7030) Whitby Chiefs(7021) North York BluesBond 1-
Thu, May 47:30 PM[Rep] Midget1498(6595) Richmond Hill Midg AA(6276) Markham Midg AAPPD Milliken Mills 3-
Thu, May 47:30 PM[Rep] Bantam1182(7682) Vaughan Bant A(7158) Thornhill Reds Bant APPD Westmount-
Thu, May 48:30 PM[Rep] Minor Bantam1793(7398) East York Bulldogs(7444) Royal York CardinalsTom Riley-
Fri, May 56:30 PM[Rep] Minor Mosquito2347(8656) VAUGHAN MINOR MOSQUITO A(8711) Royal York APPD-
Fri, May 57:00 PM[Rep] Minor Peewee2445(7516) Whitby Chiefs(7434) Stouffville Minor Peewee AAAStouffville Memorial-
Fri, May 57:00 PM[Rep] Mosquito3070(8156) Barrie Mosq A(8248) East York BulldogsDieppe - PPD-
Fri, May 57:00 PM[Rep] Peewee3259(7737) Leaside Leafs PW #2(7174) East York BulldogsStan Wadlow-
Fri, May 57:00 PM[Rep] Minor Peewee2444(7397) East York Bulldogs mPW AAA(7990) Scarborough Stingers mPW AAANeilson 2-
Fri, May 57:00 PM[Rep] Mosquito2901(7719) Markham Mosq AAA(8240) Scarborough StingersPPD-
Fri, May 57:30 PM[Rep] Bantam1006(7180) Barrie Bant AA(7465) North York BluesPPD-
Fri, May 57:30 PM[Rep] Minor Midget2094(7920) Newmarket MIN. MIDGET A(8180) BloordalePPD - Millwood-
Fri, May 57:30 PM[Rep] Midget1499(6662) Scarborough Stingers(7022) North York BluesPPD Bond-
Sat, May 69:30 AM[Rep] Minor Bantam1794(7205) Aurora King Jays(7398) East York BulldogsStan Wadlow-
Sat, May 61:00 PM[Rep] Mosquito2902(7721) Aurora King Jays Mosq AAA(7898) Leaside Leafs 1PPD-
Sat, May 64:00 PM[Rep] Peewee3260(7741) Toronto Playgrounds PW AA(7711) Bloordale PWMillwood-
Sat, May 67:30 PM[Rep] Minor Peewee2679(8160) Markham mPW A(8750) North York Blues APPD-
Sun, May 71:00 PM[Rep] Mosquito3005(8198) Royal York Cardinals(8175) Leaside Leafs 2PPD-
Sun, May 71:00 PM[Rep] Minor Mosquito2258(7915) Newmarket Minor Mosquito AA(8256) North York Blues AAPPD - Bond 2-
Sun, May 71:00 PM[Rep] Minor Midget2018(6965) Thornhill Reds Mmidg AA(7464) North York BluesPPD-
Sun, May 75:00 PM[Rep] Peewee3183(7673) North Toronto Athletics PW AAA(7715) Etobicoke Rangers PW AAAppd rain-
Sun, May 75:00 PM[Rep] Minor Mosquito2190(7998) North York Blues AAA(8673) Etobicoke Rangers AAAPPD-
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